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NurtureVR Study

What is Nurturing Moms? What is NurtureVR?

  • Nurturing Moms is a research study which seeks to understand if NurtureVR, a virtual reality maternal health and wellness program designed to support pregnant individuals and their families through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum, can help reduce stress levels of pregnant and postpartum Black and Latina individuals.

  • NurtureVR is a digital virtual reality program that educates expectant mothers about the entire birth journey and helps new and expectant mothers to manage stress around birth and pregnancy.

How can Nurturing Moms/NurtureVR help moms transition to motherhood?

  • Nurturing Moms provides access to the headset and NurtureVR program to expectant and postpartum mothers for 12 weeks. The NurtureVR program provides modules that range from pregnancy to labor, and postpartum; including both educational and mindfulness activities. Nurturing Moms can help moms transition to motherhood by providing a safe and calm sanctuary for learning and stress reduction, which facilitates intimate connection and bonding, for mom and baby.

What is the goal of Nurturing Moms/NurtureVR for moms?

  • The goal of the Nurturing Moms study and the use of NurtureVR is to help moms in the transition from pregnancy to postpartum, as well as to provide support for postpartum moms and lessen feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, and isolation.

Is Nurturing Moms safe for moms?

  • Nurturing Moms uses a virtual reality headset and is safe for moms. Moms who have a history of vertigo or seizures are recommended to refrain from participating as we would not like to exacerbate any pre-exi

sting conditions.

What are some of the wellness programs or education provided by Nurturing Moms/NurtureVR?

  • Some of the educational and wellness highlights from the NurtureVR program are: 3D virtual reality views of a baby’s weekly growth in the womb, pain management experiences, mindfulness sessions to ease labor and delivery, fourth-trimester education on topics like hormonal changes, nutrition, and emotional regulation, as well as postpartum education including breastfeeding and lactation training through virtual reality-enabled practice.

What is the duration of the program?

  • The duration of the Nurturing Moms program is 12 weeks. Once a mom is enrolled, we send out the headset and once they get it delivered, they have access to the program for 12 weeks and they can use it at their leisure.

What do I have to do if I join the Nurturing Moms program?

  • If you join nurturing Moms, you will be asked to complete a few surveys which takes around 20 minutes, and then you will be provided with the NurtureVR headset, which you will have access to for 12 weeks. The modules on the headset are very short and usually take 2-5 minutes to complete. Additionally, you will be asked to rate how you felt before and after the use of the headset. Lastly, you will be asked to fill out another brief 20-minute survey

after the 12 weeks, and then you will return the headset and receive your compensation.

Do I have to pay anything for the Nurturing Moms program?

  • No, not at all! What’s great about this program is that you get access to NurtureVR for 12 weeks at no cost to you at all, and at the end of the program we compensate you with a $100 gift card for your time and participation.

How can I join the Nurturing Moms program?

  • You can

join the Nurturing Moms program by filling out this brief survey: or you can reach out to me at the number and email address written below with any questions/concerns!

Who can moms contact if they have any more questions about Nurturing Moms?

  • Moms can contact me if they have any questions about Nurturing Moms! My name is Mary and I am the Research Associate working on the Nurturing Moms study. My office phone number is 305-243-3797 and my email is I would be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

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