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Everything shared on this website is my opinion and only my opinion. I am not a doctor, gynecologist, midwife, therapist, or rocket scientist and I don’t pretend to be, not in-person or on the internet. It is important to note that anything I write is NOT a substitute for medical advice. If you have a do have a medical condition or health issue, you should get medical advice from a competent professional whenever needed.

What I am is I am a carefree mama of two (currently), grad-school graduate and certified Full Spectrum Doula who has a major passion for menstrual and maternal health. My goal is to help families have a physically and mentally healthy experience from fertility to postpartum. I want to bring back the magic of childbirth and motherhood and create a safer birth world for our future parents and their children. 

What you find on this website is my original work, from words to photography to video (unless stated otherwise) and I often put in long hours and travel all while caring for my toddler. Everything I have written on this website took research, time and effort at the expense of time with my family, and may not be reproduced or reprinted in any way without written permission. This also applies to photos, videos, and graphics. I ask that you please be understanding and forgiving for any typo and grammatical errors, sometimes I am too excited or half asleep when I write. 

I’m always extremely grateful and appreciative when you share my posts and information with your family and friends. Getting as much of this valuable information and store is out to the community is an important part of my mission, so thank you. While I welcome links to my articles and shares on social media platforms, I do not allow full-reprinting of my articles or any excerpts of my articles of more than 10%.

On this website and my Instagram, I offer guides, ebooks, courses, services, and products for sale (and for free) and also use affiliate links in many posts. For the purpose of this disclosure, you can assume that all links are affiliate links and that I make a small commission through any purchases made through links on this website. It is my personal guarantee that I will ONLY link to products that I have personally purchased and used on myself or on my own family. Under no circumstances will I link to a product I do not absolutely love just for the sake of an affiliate commission. My goal is to create better and seamless for you, the reader, therefore I do not allow advertising networks, display ads, nor do I allow paid or sponsored posts that I do not approve of. All opinions on this website are my own. 

My guides, ebooks, courses, services, products, subscription blog, and affiliate links help me keep the site up and running with the costs of software, hosting, security, updates and other overhead expenses. 

Thanks in advance for your support if you ever use an affiliate link. And major, major love to you if you are already a Werk it Moms member!

Every two week, I send out an email newsletter that contains links to my most popular content that week as well as occasional updates about things that I think are amazing. If you decide to subscribe to my newsletter you can unsubscribe anytime (I won’t be upset, I promise!) and I don’t ever spam you – I really hate that. If you unsubscribe from, you will lose access to the free resource library, special discounts, early bird invites and other areas of the website accessed through your registration.

Please remember friends – I am a real person! I have real feelings, and so do the other readers and commenters on this website, so please act respectfully. Rudeness, mom-shaming, fake news, self promotion, and aggressive behavior is NOT welcome on this website. Disagreement and respectful conversation is always welcome. However, if you are becoming a problem, I will ban you. If you don’t like something I’ve said or written, disagree respectfully and preferably with sources so we can BOTH LEARN, and I’ll extend you the same courtesy. Don’t be an asshole.

Again, any “mom shaming” will not be tolerated on this website in any way. The goal of Werk it Moms is to empower, uplift and support other moms and dads, so any personal attacks, judgments based on parenting decisions, harassing comments or name calling will get you most certainly get you banned. 

You also agree by using that none of the information here is to be in any way used as medical advice or to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. If you take any information from this website or any website at face value and go try it without medical or professional supervision, you can and very well put your self at risk. This includes death, injury, disability, or permanent health issues. If you are having serious health issues, contact a medical professional immediately. 

While I share my own personal experiences and client experiences in the hope of inspiring you to make conscious health decisions, I can’t offer any advice for a specific problem or condition outside of my scope. Public comments asking for medical advice will not be answered because we are all unique I am likely not familiar with your body – yet. Please consider scheduling a private consultation with me instead. I can only answer questions within the areas I am trained, which is strictly focused on feminine health. So please make sure you check out all my certifications! 

I ask that you please continue on to my Terms of Service page for the full terms and conditions, policies, and disclosures that govern this website.

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