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March/April/May Birth Announcements!

Happy Friday mamas! Had to re-share this to the blog of course!

*Postpartum mamas, stay tuned for our postpartum circle groups this summer so you can connect with other mamas who are in the 4th trimester like you! There will be in-person and virtual sessions. It has been a crazy past two months and a lot of new babies and new mamas were born! I just wanted to send an overdue shoutout to all of you AMAZING BAWSE MAMAS! Congrats!


Cali gave birth to the most beautiful identical twin girls Aiyanna and Catalaya on 3/18! They are featured here in this main pic (thank you for letting me share Cali) - They are just double the love!!!


Jonteria gave birth to little princess Nyla Jade on 4/19! Queen gave birth to her baby boy Kiing on 4/26!


Jihan beautifully birthed sweet little baby Izzy on 5/9 Nadia killed it at her hospital birth epidural-free and gave birth to baby Devon Eke Jr on 5/12 Kayla labored all night like a pro and had cutie baby Annabella on 5/20

Nicole calmly and gracefully brought baby Leo into the world with ease on 5/25

Trice trusted her body and had a successful home birth VBAC at 42 WEEKS AND 1 DAY! Baby Amun was also born en caul - in his sac which is very special and rare - on 5/28 Honestly, I have not been more proud of my clients than I have these past three months. I really mean that, You have all been putting in the work, educating yourselves and owning your maternal paths. I am so blessed to know you all.

Thank you for allowing me into this very sacred part of your life, it has truly been my honor to support you! Love you!

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