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Haaka Pump Breastfeeding Hack for Clogged Milk Ducts

I have a feeling this blog will get a lot of views ;-)

First, if you haven't ordered a Haaka manual breast pump yet, get on it right now - here's an Amazon link!

Breastfeeding can be wonderful, magical and pretty rewarding once you get it down. But just like everything else in motherhood, as soon as you think you've got it - something new happens to try and throw you off your game. Like super huge, totally backed up boobies. Yeah... it happens.

Clogged milk ducts are one of the many unsexy things they don't tell you about breastfeeding. They also don't tell you that clogged milk ducts can lead to mastitis, which is basically an infection that occurs in your breast and often comes with flu-like symptoms such as fever, body chills, generally feeling unwell. It does require antibiotics to treat and can take time to clear out. This can greatly disrupt your breastfeeding routine and also make it difficult to feed your baby. Especially if it's your MVB (Most Valuable Boob).

Fortunately in most cases, mastitis occurs in one breast at a time, if at all. So you will likely have at least one working boob! But we don't want to wear that boob down, so if you find that you have a clogged milk duct, it is important to clear it out asap!

You might have a clogged milk duct if your breast is sore, red, lumpy and warm, or feels like you have a marble stuck in it. If this is you, here is a hack you can do with the Haaka. pump!

Here's the steps:

  1. Add one to two tablespoons of Epsom salts to your Haakaa pump.

  2. Fill it up with warm water all the way up so your nipple touches it. (Do not make it too hot and burn your nips!)

  3. Attach the Haakaa to your clogged breast and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. You will probably need to repeat a few times throughout the day if you have a very stubborn clog. (The average seems to be 3)

That's it! Not gonna lie, it is kinda cool to watch the clog come out. Your breast milk will come out into the water and you can see the thicker milk from the clog float around in the salty water. Doula nerd moment lol.

Remember that if you have any concerns, never hesitate to reach out to your birth team. And if you need a lactation consultant just ask and I will connect you!

Now please go spread the word about this Haaka hack so that every breastfeeding or pumping mama can be prepare to clear a clog!

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2 commentaires

Nicole Fluxman
Nicole Fluxman
09 juin 2022

Been doing this since yesterday thanks to Nicky and the redness has come down! I think it’s working 😄😄 thanks Nicky!!

Nicky Dawkins
Nicky Dawkins
09 juin 2022
En réponse à

Ahhhh yay! That’s great news! You inspired this post lol

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