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DIY Breastmilk Beauty Recipes for #BBW2022

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

It's Breastfeeding Awareness Month & now Black Breastfeeding Week, so this seemed like a good time to drop this post!

As you already know, breastmilk is pretty amazing. Not only does it nourish your baby, but it offers a lot of other benefits for you as well! It's your new first aid kit, beauty treatment and smoothie ingredient. Breastmilk for everythingggg

Breastmilk can be especially good you and your baby's skin. This is because breast milk is calming, antimicrobial and antiseptic, it also has a ton of lauric acid which is a super power when it comes to having clear, glowing, healthy skin. I'm telling you, this sh*t is unstoppable!

Breastmilk in beauty isn't a new thing, but it is gaining more and more popularity here in the US. Breastmilk facials anyone?

If you happen to be a mom with an abundant milk supply, you might be stocking some extra breastmilk around. Even if you don't have a lot to spare, you can make use of expired breastmilk or breastmilk your baby didn't finish (I hate that) and you don't want to go to waste. If not in food recipes, you can definitely use it for beauty! That is what this blog will focus on today.

The great thing is, even if you don't have your own, you can use donor milk or a friends when using it for beauty. You don't need much! Now if using someone else breastmilk makes you uncomfortable, this won't be the route to go. But there are already companies out there offer beauty products with breastmilk, salons that offer breastmilk facials (yes I keep saying it because it is a real thing) - plus many beauty products contain goat's milk. That's not your milk either right? So just ask a mom friend, there are plenty right here ;-)

Below are a few uses for breastmilk alone, and then 4 recipes you can create with just a few additional ingredients at home.

Shout out to our mama Vicky for the blog inspo!

Things you can heal with nothing but breastmilk:

  • Eye Treatment - Breastmilk is actually great for conjunctivitis or pink eye! Breast milk can be a good at-home treatment, but of course check with your pediatrician first. Simply drop a few drops right into the affected eye a few times a day until it clears up.

  • Eczema - You've probably heard about this already, but is you or your little one (any age) suffer from eczema, breastmilk is great at clearing it up. Like GREAT. One of my favorite breastmilk remedies and works every time. This comes back to the antiseptic, antimicrobial and calming powers that your milk possesses. It is best to use room temperature milk and rub it directly into the affected areas. You can also pour a bag of breastmilk it right into the bath with some lukewarm water.

  • Sore Throat - Breastmilk rinse can be just as good as saltwater for sore throat or lost voice from screaming at your kids. Try gargling for 20-30 seconds twice a day with lukewarm breast milk, the antibacterial properties can help soothe the throat and fight off any germs.

  • Sunburn - Sunburn while breastfeeding? No problem. The natural antibodies in the milk will help soothe and heal the sunburn. All you need to do is gently rub the milk into the skin. Chilled breastmilk works best for this remedy. You can use breastmilk popsicles for extra relief!

  • Ear Treatment - This is another popular remedy amongst holistic practitioners. If you or your baby get an ear infection or irritation, you can simply apply a few drops of breastmilk into the ear. For babies, this is easiest to do while you are actually breastfeeding them, just use an ear dropper or syringe. The milk can help fight off the infection and relieve some of the pain.

Breastmilk Beauty Recipes

Moisture Milk Mask (Mom only)

*Side note - this recipe is my FAV

Mix equal parts Bentonite Clay and breastmilk, use just enough to cover your face (or your body if you want) Apply the paste and let dry. Once the mask is fully dry, leave it on the face for 10-15 minutes so it hardens a bit, then wash off. You can do this once or twice a week to help draw out impurities and calm irritated skin.

Face scrub (Mom only)

You need:

  • 1/4 cup Breastmilk

  • 1/2 Lemon (juiced)

  • 1/2 cup fine brown sugar

Mix the ingredients together until it form into nice thick paste. Gently use this to help remove dead skin off your face. Do this twice a week in the shower to avoid the mess and save you some time!

Lactation Lotion (Mom & baby)

You need:

To make this super power breastmilk moisturizer you will need to add a couple of easy to find ingredients. I recommend using scents like Lavender or Eucalyptus for baby, but only use 3-5 drops.

*Add 10-20 essential oil drops based on your preference. (I like citrus scents, Ylang-Ylang or Frankincense)

*If you are looking for spot removal or toning, try adding 5-10 drop Rosehip oil to the mix.

*If you are looking for acne fighting power try adding 1-2 drops of tea tree oil to your mix.

Blend the ingredients together and store until it cools and hardens. Store in the fridge. *If you don't have these ingredients, try rubbing breastmilk alone into your skin for 1-2 weeks and see how it works.

Baby Breastmilk Bath (Mom & baby)

Mix equal parts of all ingredients together and heat on low over the stope top until honey blends. Let cool and add to a warm bath. Repeat every other day until skin improves.

If you have any breastmilk recipes to share, please do! Enjoy mamas!

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