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Doula Services

Below are services you can schedule in individually or in addition to your Birth Package!

Placenta Encapsulation

Yoni Steam

Cannbis Consultation

I offer placentophagy services in the form of placenta encapsulation, placenta tincture, placenta prints, placenta burial, and cord keepsake. I also offer lotus birth herbs if that is your preference.


I offer yoni steaming aka vaginal steaming to my active doula clients only. I am currently only offering steams for fertility, labor preparation steaming and postpartum.

Yoni Steam.jpeg

I offer cannabis consultations to support  birthing people who consume cannabis.  Learn how to incorporate your cannabis medicine into fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum using safer, more holistic practices.

Full Circle Doula Services

Thank you for considering me to be a part of your journey! Here you will find more information on my services in supporting you along all parts of your journey.

Fertility & Pregnancy Support

Whether you are prepping to create a baby or prepping to birth a baby, I am here to ensure you get the best evidenced-based information and care possible. I offer preconception support, pregnancy support and infant loss support.


Labor & Birth Support

Birth is sacred, and I honor you and your choices. My goal is to guide and support you through the transition to motherhood. by educating you on your body and your baby, we reduce your stress and allow your natural instincts to take over.

*I only accept a limited number of in-person labor & birth clients each month. 


Postpartum Support

Even after you birth, I offer support, guidance and healing services to you, your partner and whoever else is in your  postpartum team! I am always in close contact and will routinely check in on your recovery.


No matter where or how you choose to birth, I provide you and your family with care, understanding, education and support throughout the entire process. You can start at anytime. It's never too early or too late to have a Doula!

Hybrid Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Postpartum Support

The Full Circle Birth Package is designed to provide consistent support throughout your maternal journey, This package provides a hybrid combination of virtual private prenatal workshops and in-person sessions, presence at your birth and labor, plus in-person postpartum support. This package also includes full access to the Werk it Moms community, events, and shop discounts.

Virtual Pregnancy, Labor, Birth and Postpartum Support

The Body Literate Birth Package is a sacred space where traditional birth wisdom, herbal practices, and modern medicine meet to empower you and support you, virtually. You'll find à la carte classes, course packages, and there's also a powerful community of mamas to carry you through!

All Doula Packages Include

Childbirth Education

Mind, Body, Birth Prep

Emotional Support

Birth Twerk Fitness

Herbs & Nutrition

Breastfeeding Education

Birth Preferences Session

DIY Workshops

Partner Training

Newborn Care

Postpartum Recovery

Phone & Text Support

Are you ready to get the support you need on your pregnancy journey? 
Still have questions?

Support Another Mama

  • Birth it Forward

    Every month
    DONATION: Become a patron and help support another mama!
    • Good karma
    • Weekly content
    • 10% off services
    • Tribe Member First Access
    • 100% contribution to the Doulas for Change Scholarship Fund
  • Virtual Doula

    Perfect for moms who do not need in-person support at birth
    Valid for 2 years
    • 24/7 call/text support
    • Monthly 1:1 virtual coaching sessions
    • Access to all online courses
    • Access to private client app
    • Access to webinar events
    • 10% off select services
    • Werk it Moms Community
    • FREE Building Your Birth Team Session
  • Werk it Moms: OG Tier

    Every month
    For previous doula clients. Invite-only
    Valid for 12 months
    • All access pass to blog, courses, and workshops
    • Monthly 1:1 check-in call with Nicky
    • Weekly group support circles
    • Guides, worksheets, and hospital cheat sheets
    • Bonus calls and guest webinars
    • Discounts on doula services
    • Early access to special events
    • Family planning/fertility support
    • 20% off in the shop
    • 1 FREE Yoni steam per year
    • Access to Nicky's experience and knowledge
  • Werk it Moms: VIP

    A complete pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience
    Valid for one year
    • Unlimited access to 40 hours of online classes
    • 60-minute weekly prenatal + postpartum support circles
    • Guides and "Cheat Sheets"
    • Discounts on Nicky's favorite products and services
    • 1-hour birth consult with Nicky
    • Access to webinars, resource library, and online workshops
    • Discounts on in-person events
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